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Tips Renovation Home Minimalist

Basically if you want to build or renovate the home minimalist, the need for a careful planning in order to reduce the risk of wasteful or non-conformity with the idea. Therefore, the following I will give some tips on home remodeling minimalism renovasi rumah, among others, namely:

1· Preparation Fund. In preparing the budget, you better set aside more than the funds that fit your count. because usually appear cost – unexpected costs required. If you lack the funds could hamper the renovation work due to lack of necessary materials. However this would not have happened if you had to consult with the experts and has been created RAB is the total of the entire cost of the renovation as you wish.

2· Setting a budget and budget. This is the most important part of doing home remodeling and general description of the budget required for home renovation is to start from the cost of the equipment, the cost of labor services other charges (unforeseen expenses).

3· Payment of the renovation work. Payment system renovation is usually divided into two kinds of contract and daily. We recommend to those of you who already have a mature mind and a clear concept of the renovation would be nice you choose to pay with a contract system because with this payment will save money.

4· Renovation of parts of the room that needed it. When the houses and buildings that you want revovasi not yet 50 years old, you do not need to do renovations on the whole, quite at the point you want to save only the renovation budget. Let’s say you want to remodeling your living room into a minimalist living room design, then there are some points that need to be renovated is the start of a wall paint color (preferably using a minimalist color, such as white, gray and other bright colors). Then proceed with the selection of furniture that matches the minimalist feel (such as sofa minimalist, minimalist tables and so on).

5· Choose a home minimalist design concepts. The next step after you determine the parts that want a renovated room is determining the concept of minimalist design you want to use for your home.

6· The selection of house plans. Once you find the concept of the design you want, you just choose the plan space corresponding to the size of your home, at this stage should seek references peletekan floor plan and floor plans that suit the tastes you can also find it by Internet.

7· Selection of furniture is home minimalist. For the three tips is further explanation of the first tips. Which is one of the secret tricks of the look minimalist interior room is located on the selection of a modern and minimalist furniture. Selection of furniture should also be balanced with harmonious shades of the walls and the concept of your home. An example is when you paint the house with wood color, then your room will look harmonious with the use of colored minimalist wooden furniture.

Similarly, some of the tips above, may be useful for those of you who are looking to build or renovate the home minimalist. © 2017 All Rights Reserved Frontier Theme