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Know Your Type Rain Water Gutters, Problems and Maintenance

Rain water gutters are building elements that can not be taken lightly because Indonesian has tropical climate with high rainfall. But often the forgotten gutters or not getting the attention when planning or building a house, causing the facade of the house were ‘disturbed’ by the presence of gutters or even leakage due to gutters that are not functioning properly. In this article we invite you to get to know better the roof runoff water, so you can choose a type of gutters that needed your dream home membangun rumah.

Water Gutters

The main function of rain water gutters are draining water from the roof to the place that has been planned, it could be a vertical gutters, drains rainwater catchment tanks or wells. The main objective is to prevent the stream gutters rainwater from the roof down is not in place, or perk everywhere. Therefore, rain water gutters are generally mounted in the side, the meeting between the plane of the roof, or the side wall of the house.

Along technological developments rain gutters are now produced from various materials, namely:

1. Gutter stone or concrete
Perhaps a kind of gutter earliest human use. In modern houses, concrete gutters are generally placed on the roof of contact with a fence or the neighboring buildings. Gutters of concrete certainly is the strongest compared with other materials, but the price is relatively expensive, the process is not easy, and the ability to hold water depends on the waterproofing layer is used

2. metal gutters
Gutters of metal base material is best known in Indonesia is probably the gutters zinc or zinc that’s cheap, sold in sheet form and can be shaped as needed. The main drawback of zinc is aged and their resistance to weather, zinc gutters are susceptible to rust and broken in a relatively short time. Substitute zinc gutters are gutter sheets or ready-made from aluminum or a mixture zincalum is often called galvalum. Gutter other metal materials such as gutters of steel, tin or copper used infrequently because the price is high enough

3. plastic gutters
Gutters of plastic base material or PVC, is very popular because it is cheap and easy to install because it is available as a ready-made in various sizes. The main drawback of this material gutters are age and their resistance to weather. Exposure to hot and cold temperature extremes will make plastic loses its elasticity, becomes brittle and ultimately fragile and easily cracked or broken. Despite the low price, but by the age of 1-2 years, it is necessary to consider if you want a home that is low maintenance. Later began to appear gutter fiberglass, but the price is relatively expensive and installation is not easy, generally used for factories or large buildings

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages of each, but leakage can also occur due to improper installation of gutters. Here are some things that must be considered in the installation of gutters:

1. The slope of the water gutters
According to its function, the gutters should be able to drain rainwater well, therefore gutters should have sufficient slope. Chamfer with a length of more than 10 meters should be divided by 2 with a high slope position in then down to the edges. The slope of the gutter is good is 1-2 cm per 3 m length of water gutters, meaning that for a gutter which has a length of 3 m, one end must be located 1-2 cm lower than the other end. Make sure the gutter hanger is installed properly so the slope which is expected to be maintained

2. Connection / elbow
Generally the roof of the house so long that needs more than one rod gutters, and often also chamfer must turn to follow the shape of the roof elbow. These meetings gutters are prone to leaks, so it is often a connection or elbow and then precisely engineered into a hole or gutter funnel contiguous with chamfer or vertical pipes. Use the appropriate size of the connection gutters or gutter models are used, use silicone sealant at the connection to prevent leakage.

3. Funnels gutters
part of the gutter where there is a hole that directs water into the vertical pipe. Since it became part of the gathering of the water flow, gutters funnel into locations prone to leak. Damage to the gutters funnel generally occurs because the water does not drain properly and pooled on the part, this is often caused by piles of garbage or leaves carried by rainwater. Therefore you must be diligent in cleaning this part of the garbage if you want your roof gutters durable

Lastly, planning gutters should consider also an aesthetic issue. What kind of gutter like that in accordance with the architectural style that you apply, what color, and from what materials. All will affect your overall facade of the house. Do not let the facade of your house is damaged because the gutters are not designed properly. © 2017 All Rights Reserved Frontier Theme